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Goop is the main protagonist and eponymous character of Goop: The Comic. A purple gooptar, Goop possesses enhanced agility and strength, which he uses to fight the forces of evil. Goop lives in a treehouse in the Petunia Forest with his best friend Bing. In Episode 104, it is revealed that Goop's special purple gooptar power is the ability to shape-shift into different forms (such as Flame Goop).

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Goop is a very good-hearted Gooptar, although he doesn't really know how to show it. He's fairly cocky and rather hard-headed. Goop is shown to be very sarcastic. He's always one to throw an insult or wisecrack towards people who annoy him, such as Moki. He isn't very book-smart at all; he's more street-smart.

Goop is also shown to not have much patience; he hates waiting for the right moment and prefers to charge into battle. Because of this, he rarely thinks ahead, preferring a "Punch First, Ask Questions Later" strategy to battle. However he has good intentions and respects his friends very much, especially Blossom, who he is in love with.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Agility: Goop is much faster and more agile than the average gooptar.
  • Enhanced Strength: Goop is physically stronger than the average gooptar.
  • Shape-shifting: Goop's purple gooptar power allows him to shape-shift into a variety of different forms.
    • Flame Goop: Goop is capable of blasting off into the air like a rocket or firing flames from his hands.


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