Issue #1
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February 25th, 2015
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70 (so far)

Goop: The Comic, Issue 1, also known as #1, is the first issue of Goop: The Comic. Serving as an introductory issue, Issue 1 introduces readers to the world of Gooptonia and to the main characters (Goop, Bing, Draclo, and Princess Blossom, along with Marco). The issue also introduces the comic's main antagonist, King Grex, and his lackies Moki and Shelldon.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episode Title Synopsis
Ep 1 Front Cover
Snaptrap Attack During an otherwise peaceful day, the menacing plant Snaptrap attacks Blossom's castle! Can our hero Goop outsmart and outmuscle the monstrous plant?
Ep 2 Front Cover
Rumble in the Jungle King Grex has sent his Minions to ambush Goop, Bing, and Draclo on their camping trip! What will Goop do about it and can he take down five Minions at once?
Ep 3 Front Cover
Goop vs. the Amphibious Adversary After his Minions' latest failure in the jungle, King Grex is hiring a feisty bounty hunter named Frogrump to capture Goop. Can Goop stop the amphibious adversary?
Ep 4 Front Cover
Magic of the Opals Every purple Gooptar has possessed an incredible superpower, from Gweedo the Strong to Gary the Unfortunate. What is Goop's special power? Only time (and this episode) will tell.
Ep 5 Front Cover
The Arrow of Revenge TBA
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Created by Justin Wolfe
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