"Goop: The Comic" is an online web comic from the twisted mind of Justin Wolfe, posted on deviantart, its official Facebook page, and this site here!

The comic is about the titular protagonist Goop, a rare purple gooptar living in the Gooptar Kingdom on the planet Gooptonia, somewhere in the Garon (as human knows it, Andromeda) galaxy (they were half-asleep when they named everything).

The comic centers around Goop's various adventures and his attempts to keep the Gooptar Kingdom (and the rest of the planet) safe from the nefarious clutches of the diabolical sorceror King Grex, his dense lackeys Moki and Shelldon, and a host of other ridiculous villains. Goop is accompanied on his adventures by his friends Bing, Tawnya, and Draclo, his girlfriend Princess Blossom, and the wise (and sometimes forgetful) elder Marco. Whether it's taking a cat nap in his hammock or punching King Grex in the stomach, Goop is always ready for a little smackdown (actually, he'd rather be napping in the hammock).