This is a chronological list of updates for the Goop: The Comic Facebook Page.

February 2015Edit

February 25, 2015Edit

  • Updated profile picture---7:54 PM
  • Updated profile picture---7:57 PM
  • Updated cover photo---7:59 PM
  • Created Goop: The Comic---Episode 101 album containing 17 images---8:03 PM
  • Updated cover photo---8:35 PM

February 28, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "The first five pages of Episode 102 are completed!"---11:12 PM

March 2015Edit

March 1, 2015Edit

  • Created Goop: The Comic---Episode 102 album containing 1 image---4:54 PM

March 4, 2015Edit

  • Added the following photo:---12:30 PM
    Goop Window

    Goop has appeared in a foggy window! How about that?

  • Posted announcement: "The first eight pages of Episode 102 are complete."---12:31 PM
  • Posted announcement: "Wise Advice from Marco the Elder: Always trust in people who like big butts, for they can not tell a lie."---1:06 PM
  • Posted announcement: "Make sure to tell all of your friends about your new favorite web comic, "Goop: The Comic"! Let's spread the word!"---2:10 PM
  • Posted announcement: "Goop: The Comic now has an official website! Well, not THAT official, but good enough: Comics will still be posted here on this page, so don't worry!"---8:52 PM
  • Posted announcement: "Go to it!"---8:52 PM
  • Posted announcement: "The (un)official website now has a characters section! This section will keep track of all of the various characters that appear in the comic! 'Link:"---9:34 PM

March 5, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "The first ten pages of Episode 2 have been scanned!"---4:18 PM

March 6, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "The first 12 pages of episode 2 have been scanned! I might have Episode 2 up tomorrow at the earliest!"---9:51 PM

March 7, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "Episode 2 is going up tonight (technically tomorrow morning, but whatever)!"---11:57 PM

March 8, 2015Edit

  • Added 16 photos to Goop: The Comic---Episode 102 album---12:00 AM
  • Posted announcement: "Episode 2 has been released! Enjoy!"---12:00 AM

March 9, 2015Edit

  • Created Goop: The Comic---Episode 103 album containing 1 image---7:22 PM

March 14, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "I'm revealing the titles of Episodes 104 and 105 today!
    Episode 104: Magic of the Opals
    Episode 105: The Arrow of Revenge
    "-10:20 PM

March 15, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "Little late in announcing this, but "Goop: The Comic" now has an official wiki in addition to this page and the Doodlekit site! The wiki contains very informative articles on each of the comic's characters, as well as episodes, issues, need-to-know terminology, and more! Link:"-12:20 PM

March 21, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "Episode 103 will be up shortly!:D"-8:04 PM
  • Added 18 photos to Goop: The Comic---Episode 103 album---8:11 PM

April 2015Edit

April 13, 2015Edit

  • Created Goop: The Comic---Episode 104 album containing 17 images---7:05 PM
  • Posted announcement: "Episode 104 is up!"---7:06 PM

June 2015Edit

June 26, 2015Edit

July 2015Edit

July 10, 2015Edit

  • Posted announcement: "From now on, comic episodes will be posted page by page!"---11:38 PM
  • Created Goop: The Comic---Episode 105 album containing 4 images---11:41 PM

August 2015Edit

August 27, 2015Edit

  • Added 3 photos to Goop: The Comic---Episode 105 album---5:09 PM
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