Shape-Shifting refers to the ability to change one's shape at will. Within Goop: The Comic, shape-shifting (as revealed in Episode 104) is the special purple gooptar power of the comic's main protagonist, Goop. As with every purple gooptar before him, Goop is imbued with incredible powers, the most important of which is his ability to transform his body into other forms, granting him new abilities and powers temporarily.

This ability was first revealed to him in Episode 104 while inside a cave. Within the cave, Goop encountered the Hallucination Opal, a Magic Opal that Goop viewed as sentient (and very sarcastic) due to a bump on the head. Through concentrating, Goop was able to use the Opal to find his special purple gooptar power. The first form Goop transformed into was Flame Goop, a fiery version of himself that he used to defeat the giant tree, Dreadwood.

List of Known Goop FormsEdit

This is a template of all of Goop's known forms shown throughout the comic, arranged chronologically by their first appearance.

Flame Goop


  • Goop is as-of-yet the only character to have changed shape in the comic.
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