As shown in Episode 103, Shelldon has several pet Leeches, numbering anywhere higher than twenty. For the majority of the episode, they are completely ignored by the other characters, only appearing as black markings on the walls in the background.

Towards the episode's end, Moki notices them and asks what they are, to which Grex responds that he has no idea and theorizes that they are due to an error on the artist's part. Shelldon then enters the room, looking for them. It is hinted that afterwards, the leeches attack Moki and King off-panel.


  • King Grex's theory about the leeches being due to an artist error is correct. In an earlier panel in the scene where Frogrump first arrives, the artist accidentally drew the point on the talk balloon to Moki instead of Frogrump (who was speaking at the time). The artist then colored it in and drew similar pointed markings on the walls in all Castle Grex shots. King Grex's line was added to playfully poke fun at that mistake.
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